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Fourth Force – Inimitable Innate Investigators

Come February and the wannabe lover boys clad in flashy attire wander about the ladies colleges/schools filled roads reminding me of a lost traveler in the boondocks of the impenetrable amazon forest ( A simile I hope, this is !). The way a flood-hit victim frantically expects a rescue helicopter dropping bread packets, these guys are more desperate to witness the students (precisely gaudily dressed up attention grabbing women) walk out of their college campus during the closing hours of the day. Before I can further exercise my linguistic abilities within myself, a call from Rahul (the senior claims consultant of XXX Insurance agency) beckons me for work. I am Mr.X, the detective from the reputed well-connected detective agency Fourth Force. After a heavy meal of pulav and the paneer platter, with paneer not going well saucy these days (sorry for the annoying pun), I tuck in my shirt, tuck in my bloated tummy, and exercise utmost pressure on the gas pedal of my car to quicken my destination reach.

Well. Rahul does’nt seem much worried today. I call him up and he opens up saying, “Mr.X, there is a case of a false insurance claim. I have found out that the claimant (a lady) is lying”. “Oh !! How confident ?!!”, I mumble to myself. So when questioned what happened he reckons, “ the lady says her husband died of a sudden cardiac arrest. She has registered her wedding just a month back. But, they already have a son who is studying abroad. Moreover, the lady looks cool and is frequently speaking calls stealthily. She shows the Legal heir certificate and also the death certificate of her husband. She is not panicking at all.” “When she has her documents intact you have to give her the Insurance claim, I quip”. “Mr.X. I suspect by her behavior that the female has forged documents with her. They look so false”, he replies.

As I reach the spot, the claimant sits there. She looks normal. I take all her claim related documents, and send them for verification. Meanwhile Rahul with a wicked smile questions her: “Madam did you have to pay hugely for the Legal heir documents ??”. “Yes I did”, said the lady. He turns to me and flashes a victorious smile. The claimant lady then says to Rahul , :”Sir, I am ready to pay you as well for sanctioning the claim.” Rahul sits mum with a wicked head rocking.

Soon the verification reports of the documents arrive from my Fourth Force office. The reports are authentic and true. Her husband has passed away due to a myocardial infarction of a severe degree. Now, feeling ashamed for what Rahul had perceived, I smile and say, “Madam your claim will be credited to your bank account”. But before she leaves, I want to know the reason for so much suspicions that Rahul created around her. I learnt that the lady is a well-educated, well-earning, strong and spiritual person and hence has learnt to overcome the sadness of her husband’s demise. And about the bribing for the documents which Rahul mentioned??. Yeah, she is a busy business woman and had to bribe the government officials to get these basic certificates on time. She had registered her marriage very recently as they have just settled in this city, around 6 months back, before which they lived in two different countries, since marriage about two decades back. With all his detective conclusions gone wrong, Rahul flashes a sheepish smile. “Rahul, Not all are frauds. We (Fourth Force) offer our services for such detective jobs. Trying to respect people and their feelings rather than harassing them with awkward questions and looks would be a nice deed as a human”.

“Some people think they have discernment when actually they are just suspicious..Suspicion comes out of the unrenewed mind; discernment comes out of the renewed spirit”   – Joyce Meyer

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