Extensive background verification prevents identity fraud

We are all sick of hiring fraudulent candidates! Aren’t we? Recruitment process is an arduous task for the Human Resource professionals, so generally neglect the background verification process without realizing the adverse effects they might encounter.

Running a background check is a good practice for knowing about an individual you are about to employ. Such checks can monitor the candidate’s past attentively and also ensure that his / her credentials don’t impact your organization negatively.

Background verification can confirm the high claims intended by the employees during the recruitment process. Background analysis should be done diligently, before the candidate signs his/her contract with you. Background checks are exceptional tools for validating a person’s identity and also for monitoring their activities.

There are several types of background checks available, which reveal the identity of the candidates.

Pre-Employment Screening:

This check is used to verify the assertions made by a candidate during his past employment. Such screening can reveal a candidate’s employment gaps, claims and other related information.

Character Reference Check:

Such checks are usually conducted by discussing with the candidate’s relatives, friends and past colleagues.

DMV Check:

DMV checks are conducted to disclose information pertaining to traffic violations, accidents, address, drug and alcohol convictions.

Credit History:

Such checks can determine whether the candidate has any reported criminal History record, judgments, lawsuits and other legal convictions.

Such checks can verify candidate’s credentials namely, resume, job title, dates of graduation, degree types and dates of employment.

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