Diligent background verification can reveal stolen identity

The consistent rise of fake identity and criminal cases have resulted in background check becoming something undeniable, not just for MNC’s but also for the small sized firms. Inflated inventory, illegitimate monetary transactions and unapproved salary slips have become common due to identity frauds.

Indian economy is fast growing, with more and more companies joining the clan. Such eruption has created the necessity for compulsive background screening for hiring. But to be more specific background screening is not just limited for verifying the credentials of potential candidates in a MNC but works equally effective in other horizons like cab driver services, logistics, matrimonial and distributors.

Making Improvements to your background verification system is the best and most effective way to prevent identity, theft and other devastating events.

A routine background check can disclose identity theft!

While many companies are constantly trying to build a productive workforce, many individuals have been masking their real identity to defend themselves. A background check of even two days can turn up an individual’s identity. It’s not just about identity checks, background verification companies screen a lot more, Cab driver verification, Suppliers / Vendors, Insurance investigation, Address Verification and Pre-employment checks to name a few. Such background checks can mitigate business risks and also any warning signs.

Looking for a background verification company? Fourth Force, a background verification company headquartered in Chennai works with 100+ trained professionals from Intelligence and Government services to provide trusted and reliable services to various verticals including banks, financial institutions, insurance agencies, logistics and private cab driver providers.

Fourth Force conducts on-site and in-person verification to confirm the true identity of the person, employment history, previous criminal records and financial background of an individual.

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