Fourth Force has advanced by leaps & bounds in its physical field verification

A thorough background check on applicants and employees are an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business. Fourth Force offers highly proficient and extensive physical field verification process, so that the customer is absolutely comfortable throughout the process and provides meaningful results in the right time.

Address Verification:

Our Field officer visits the applicant’s mentioned address, verifies the tenure of his/her stay and possession status. Incase if the door is found to be locked, our officers goes step ahead and verifies the applicant’s whereabouts from their neighbors. With the advent of Adhar cards this check is made even simpler.

Education Qualification Check:

You can physically go to the university and check the old records, but there is en-number of hurdles associated with it. Therefore our designated officer physically visits the registrar’s office with a photocopy of the certificate, mark sheets and sometimes even examination hall ticket card to verify the authenticity of the degree.

Criminal Record Verification:

The absence of computerized criminal record database in city, state, town, district and local police station has made this background check a bit complicated. Therefore, the criminal records have to be accessed at the state, district, or police station level by physically visiting the specific office and requesting the criminal background verification.

Fourth Force a leading background verification company in India provides investigative and litigation support services to businesses, in-house counsel and law firms by performing comprehensive background investigation and also performs verification of individuals, assets, locations, utilities and more.

Though there are several background verification companies in India, Fourth Force stands out from others. Fourth Force has a team of 400+ disciplined, reliable staffs, which includes dedicated high profile professionals with several years of experience in sectors like CBI, Police and RAW. With more than 4000+ man years of skill, they can definitely help you bring changes to your business.

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