Why Background check your Cabbies?

Many companies are not updated with comprehensive data about their cab drivers. Taxi drivers have been in the headlines for some time now. Innumerable incidents associated with them have been recorded, among them sexual assault has become quite common.

Yet another private cab driver was arrested for sexually assaulting a popular South Indian actress. The incident took place, while the leading actress was returning from her film shoot in Thrissur. While returning, a vehicle hit her car and following an argument over the accident, the people of the other car forcefully entered and drove off the car along with the actress. The gang of 4 took pictures of the lady to threaten and blackmail her for money.

Couple of days later, an investigation team had identified that the men involved in the incident belonged to the film industry and also the actress’s former driver with criminal background was the main culprit involved in the case. So this case raises the question for background verification of the driver, which the actress had failed to perform. Such catastrophic events can be mitigated from the root if proper, diligent checks are performed prior to their job commencement. When drivers are potentially unsafe for such celebrities then what about the general public?

Without an exhaustive background check, there is no other way to be fully contented about a driver. Background verification companies scrutinize and validate the following credentials of the cab drivers:

  • Proof of Residency
  • Driver’s License
  • Criminal History
  • Legal Age
  • Driving Record

Headquartered in Chennai, Fourth Force a private Indian verification company provides trusted broad-range of services for distinct sectors through On-site and in-person Verification across the country.

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