Overthrowing the diabolical crooks

A reality check – is it safe to be taking the cabs these days as modes of transport? The answer is a big No because there is a serious rise of crooks across India on a daily basis. No mode of conveyance is left safe for the public, be it for the elderly, young and the little ones or for that matter any gender. Safety is at risk for the common public. The chronicle of disgraceful acts starts with the local taxis or auto drivers and now the private cabbies are also coming under this list. This is because the private companies hire drivers from everywhere, who have their own vehicles, on a contract basis to work for them.

A system needs to be exercised by the private companies to eradicate these disgraceful crooks. This system is pertinent to not only the private companies but to the government as well. There is a journal of incidents which expose the many breach in the armor of the administration. There is always a debate whether the justice system in India is doing its part in ensuring the safety of general public, more so women. It looks as if no serious background check is being done the drivers before they are allowed to ply their vehicles under the company’s tag. This is because of the authenticity of the certificates issued by the transport department that diabolical nature of the drivers are hidden.

Many companies are too negligent in doing these background checks and nabbing the culprits. The background checks has a broad countenance. The employer solicits the police to obtain information on the potential cabdrivers history. For a specific fee, the information is provided through a system between the companies, the state & the police commissionerates whereby they agree to do a record search for the required information. However, many are very unhelpful in this stance that nurture corruption and distortion. It is a shameful truth that a job applicant can get a certificate with half-truths or wrong information if they are willing to bribe police staff or the transport department.

The specialized agencies which are accredited by major private companies to delve background checks on job applicants come upon stumbling blocks in the form of bureaucratic indifference and hostility. At the end, in most cases they tend to get only indiscreet police reports which they pass on to those hiring them because they have no other option. India does not have a single national database of crimes and criminals and the much-awaited Tracking Network and System, which would have ultimately served the purpose, is remaining a dream. To make this dream a reality, Fourth Force has been working zealously to overthrow the delinquents and does verifications on these grounds in unison with the police force. The background checks are skillfully carried out by a team of proficient personnel with law enforcement backgrounds. The reports obtained are sent to the relevant company to make the appropriate decision in hiring the cab drivers. Fourth Force is headed by the most veteran and experienced chief who is keen in delivering the top notch results to the organizations resulting in better augmentation of the required personnel.

The varied background verification are grouped as Identity Check, Address Verifications, Address Verification, Driving License, Past Employment and Criminal Record check.

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