Terminating the atrocity of child abuse

Child abuse comes from not only the caregivers but also takes place in schools, orphanages, residential care facilities, our neighbors or on the streets. This violence will affect the normal development of a child by impairing their mental, physical and social well being. Though the physical abuses are only temporary scars but the internal scar never heals for a child, it’s a permanent scar. Extreme cases of child abuse are marked as death itself. But are we paying solid attention to it and taking the necessary steps to put an end to these deranged souls? Are we making a huge difference in our children’s life? Try to answer these questions and you will find answers. But not surprisingly all these questions are always unanswered or ignored. If we just did take it the genuine way, our children’s future and safety will be in benign hands.

We need to protect our children from these types of frauds who act as though they love children and who think they are trustworthy to take care of a child and ultimately we are the main culprits in hiring these loony characters. These types of miscreants never have moral ethic or principles to follow and are more a mentally disturbed person with a dreadful past or who do not value life. These loonies wear a mask, posing as child lovers and protectors but underneath lies a barbaric and delusional character. They might as well not be considered as human.

The atrocity of this insane group should be unmasked and terminated for good. We may not be able to judge if this person is the right one for the job from only our side. We need more standardized steps to come to a conclusion by checking up on their background. Fourth force makes its way inside this process to accord you with a reality check on the background of the particular person. They provide better support and also ensure legitimate results. Working with a team of 100+ trained experts exclusively from the Government and Intelligence services, they provide secure, honest and trusted services to leading industries which include banks, financial intermediaries, insurance services and trade. Fourth force is fanned out across India with a number of 29 branches.


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