A Gratifying moment for the Fourth force reign

Achieving your passion in a short span of time is something rare and phenomenal. A true passion rests upon the shoulders of the bearer to accomplish with the ability to strive hard towards the goals and their passion but before we can rest, there is more to go.

In this regard, Fourth Force can proudly cite itself to have attained its first step towards success by making itself to show up in the top ten potential background verification companies list as enlightened by the Silicon Indian magazine in its special edition for Background Verifications.

Our proud CFO, Mr. Sanal Kumar, speaks about how much the team has achieved and about their efforts to bring the organization to this level within a quick span of one year. He proclaimed that “We go the extra mile deliver unquestionably accurate results”. He also stated that the company could accomplish the tasks within 30 days compared to the normal 40-45 days time frame due to the expanse and the credit can be attributed to the 225 elite and skilled investigators who are on the Fourth Force payroll PAN India and not merely an outsourced personnel. The organization is a well bred combination of gallant youngsters and veteran verification officials who handle the background checks with the utmost care and concern for the sensitive information on reports. The source for verification is sought directly when there is a need for information at any moment. The spectrum of verifications can be catalogued in the order of Employment Verification, Insurance Claim investigation, Identity checks, Criminal background, Bank security and Driver backgrounds.

Background verification spares us an insight to impose a conclusion on the unethical practices around the globe.

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