INSURANCE FRAUDS – an erroneous act

A mandatory custom needs to be followed by any insurance company to unmask the fraudsters who use erroneous practices to profit from the insurance claims.

Insurance frauds can be elucidated as the practice where the claimant applies for a false insurance claim stating when the incident happened and what is the value. The insurance frauds may be classified as Life Insurance, Health care Insurance, Automobile Insurance (Staged/Exaggerated Claims), Property Insurance, Council Compensation Claims. The claimants create deceptive reasons making it look like the incident happened for real and gaining benefit out of this claim which they are not actually entitled. Now the reasons may be either true or may not be true. But in this ever growing fraudulent activities around the globe, we can be never sure which is the truth. Hence it is up to to the insurance companies to step up and wedge out the frauds with the aid of verification services.


The policy issuance stage is where these fallacious practices kicks off and the verifications needs to be commenced from this stage. Most of the Insurance companies have no legitimate nor fitting fraud system management. A Insurance company will be held accountable for a staged or exaggerated accident and can also increase the risk of being sued if a flawed insurance claim is filed unless it is being dealt with. And this is where we have the finest verification services, Fourth Force to rely upon. Insurance companies, businesses and most of the law firms are provided with analytical and litigation support services by performing extensive background investigations which includes administering of individuals, assets and so on.

Fourth Force is spread across India with 29 branches manned with the top-notch and zealous professional who are equipped with several years of experience in the field of RAW, CBI and Police. With this highly trained team, it is possible to better the business at a more civilized level.

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