Not Every New Hire Is Genuine. So Avert Taking On – Board Fraudulent Candidates!

“The More Right people Hired, The Fewer Wrong people Fired” -Robert Half

Almost a fair percentage of business firms hire employees in a short span of time to fill a critical vacancy this approach can create a lot of confusions in the long run. The cost of selecting the wrong person can run your business into a huge loss, thereby affecting the company’s morale and productivity.

Hiring and training people who shouldn’t be brought on in the first place can greatly affect your time and money. If you’re not hiring the right candidate then your ability to succeed in your business will be greatly compromised.

A survey states that “80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions”.

The biggest blunder you can make when you are in the search for new employees is to rely on the same tried-and-tested methods that you have been using for years. Go for background verification check, this can bring out the hidden past of your to be employee. A bad hire’s influence on company culture echoes beyond the employee’s tenure. Recruiter go through a resilient process they collect, review and weed out applications and resumes, and then select the most qualified candidates for further consideration. Then comes the final step “Background Verification”. A background check delves deeply into the past records of the candidate.

The sleuths at Fourth Force will jump into action and start the process of verification on any matter related to the job applicant or employee. In a bid to extend their support to the present police force, around 100 former top ranked police officers have created a new squad to mitigate fraud and criminal risks. The squad includes a task force of highly experienced retired police officers from various Indian law enforcement agencies, including Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Research& Analysis Wing (RAW), Railway Protection Force (RPF) and State Police. Fourth Force helps in investigating and verifying the background of people across key business and industry to reduce fraud and criminal intent.

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