Are You Sure Whether Your Kids Are Safe At School

After hue and cry over safety in schools, several schools across India have made it mandatory to background screen their school staffs before they hire them. Most school employees’ work closely with students and schools want to hire responsible people to work with those children.

Schools typically perform bare minimum, one-time background verification on teachers and other school staff which is not quite sufficient.  School authorities’ needs to take several steps to better protect their students. Apart from credit history and employment history, most of the background checks used by schools primarily focus on criminal history as well.

Majority of the school staff come from other States. What if they commit crimes in one State and go to another? It is highly important to conduct background checks on school employees who have contact with children including:

  • teachers
  • volunteers
  • contractors
  • librarians
  • other school employees

Even though the instances of abuse involving school employees are relatively few, they are magnets for public attention. Schools must carefully investigate the individuals they hire, as well as background check the volunteers that they allow on their campuses.  Background verification on school employees are usually done to root out those few daemons who do harm to children.

There is every indication that school employee background checks will become more intense and intrusive in the coming years for those who seek employment in that profession. Pre employment background checks of potential school employees works in the best interests of the applicant and most importantly the children. Fourth Force performs a nationwide background screening on your employees to quickly deliver accurate employee background check and screening information about your potential employees and volunteers. Every time you require information on any person, our ground force goes right to the source. Our team is headed by officials who come from investigation, intelligence and law enforcement backgrounds. We have our footprint in every state capital, that’s 29 offices in total. Our background verification procedures are highly secure and compliant. Fourth Force helps you to make the right hiring decision for your growing brand.

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