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Fourth Force – The Dauntless Detectives

DISCLAIMER: This piece of writing is purely imaginary and fictional. Any reference to any individual living/dead may be co-incidental.

A lesser activity filled day it has been for me. The day sluggishly draws itself to an end as I draw the blanket over myself and my eyelids are waiting to draw themselves over my eyes. The breaking news on the TV flings me into shock: (At 11.30 PM in the night)

“ Mr.PJ, a Business tycoon in TN dies of a massive cardiac arrest“

I am Mr.X the detective from Fourth Force. Mr.PJ has retained his position as India’s richest person has been hospitalized in Marco Polo Hospitals for two months now. No news about his health has come to light so far. A rich bachelor in his sixties, he is. A plethora of questions keep flashing through my brain and bling!!! Comes an e-mail from my Headquarters asking me to take up the case of the secret death of Mr.PJ. The client who has taken our services in this case is Mr.PJ’s illegitimate son who suspects that Mr.PJ had passed away on the day of admission in the Hospital. But Mr.PJ’s acquaintance took the help of the medicos to create a situation of intensive treatment during these two months. In the meantime, documents have been primed in which all of PJ’s wealth were legally bequeathed by PJ to his accomplices. “The documents bear the forged signatures of PJ”, alleges his son.

With no further adjournment, I slide myself into my attire and swish through the nocturnal serenity bearing road to the Marco Polo Hospitals. As I enter the premises swimming through several men crying, trying to cry and posing for media photographs. I am confronted by the Policemen on duty. After flaunting my ID card and them assessing the authenticity of my visit, they allowed me into the premises.

I met the doctor of Mr.PJ and he says PJ passed away 30 minutes back (its 12 AM now, the next day has unfolded). The doctor and the Police say since this is death within the hospital no post-mortem etc., needs to be done and insurance etc., have already been settled. They further articulate that since PJ has been under intensive critical care for long, his body has to be cremated at the earliest after it’s kept for mourning. It means that I have to finish my investigation before 5 PM today.

I have no lose knots to hang and climb on to find the truth, I keep rushing through ideas. As a gulp of water goes down my throat, Duty transports me back to reality.

The body is kept at Mr.PJ’s house to pay homage. I stand there to find loopholes. My turn for homage comes. I go closer and observe the prick marks on PJ’s face under his lips and beneath his eyes. I move aside. After another look, I get reminded of Botox injections (they puff up the skin and remove wrinkles, which can be used to conceal the real age of a person). The abnormal injection marks on the face invites my thinking and yeah, they have used Botox to make the long time dead body look fresh.

A tissue biopsy or a small piece of tissue of her I may need to perform a radio carbon dating. (Radio carbon dating is done to reveal the time of death of a person). I once again go to the dead body to pay homage and with a concealed iron nail, I bow before the legs and scratch and get a part of it.

Fourth Force is well connected by the network all over. We have Employees who have previously served the army, Police etc., I hand over the tissue sample to another employee whom I called up here.

Now, I barge into the documentation and report summary room of Marco Polo hospitals. There is the guy sitting there. I reveal my identity and claim myself to be from the criminal branch (yes, it’s an offence, I know). If a person runs on Life support system in the Intensive Care for a long time, all his activities would be connected to an ECG EEG EOG. The log of the graphs has to legally be with the management of the concerned hospitals. After much threatening, he reveals and it is seen that the person was admitted dead. No such graph log has been recorded. I call up Fourth Force’s Headquarters and meanwhile they surprise me with the Radio carbon dating report that the person had succumbed to a massive cardiac arrest 70 days before.

With our investigation, a whole cunning drama with a forced sensitivity comes to an end. This time a big anecdote, I had to narrate. This is why we are the much sought after detective organization throughout the Nation.

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