Uncover the ground truth of your new hires

The hiring process is a real nightmare for many companies including the big giants. After hiring your ideal candidate can you sit back because your work is done? Definitely not! Recruiting and hiring a candidate for an organization can certainly eat up a recruiter’s time.

Recruitment process does not stop with face-to-face interviews

So even after having invested a lot of resources both time and money, we would surely regret to return back to recruiting yet another person for the same position because the new hire has just walked out or not good enough for his/her organization. Thus to avoid this repetition, it is important to take some steps to uncover the potential problems associated in hiring them. Many recruiters wait until their new hire makes a mistake. But in certain cases it can become too late and end up in serious financial costs for the owners.

Common Blunders by New Hires:

Employment History:

The fraudsters are known to inflate or modify their employment histories to a great extent as per several surveys conducted in the country. This is one of the most common areas where they are known to cheat their recruiters, because their history can disclose their job stability and loyalty to previous recruiters.

Fake Job References:

Several reports have estimated that 17% of the candidates in more than thousand companies had provided fake references for grabbing new positions. This percentage is still inflating because many employers show deaf ears to check the job references provided by their new candidates. The saddest part is that more than 70% of the companies are unaware of this crime.

So such fraudulent crimes can land you in a very tight spot.

Analyze! Analyze! Analyze!

After interviewing your potential candidates, you are not done! Next the best strategy many companies including the MNC’s have been employing is to conduct background checks. This has been a proven solution to drive in more competent candidates into your working environment. So today background check has become one of the most integral steps to analyze employees in the entire recruitment process.

Background checks can help in tracking your candidate’s performance, credentials and past histories. There are many background verification companies in the nation and Fourth Force stands first among all for undertaking services like Insurance claim investigation, Cab driver verification, Criminal Background Check, Antecedent Verification, Vendors Background Verification and Employee Background Verification.

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