Why you should Execute Due Diligence?

Automatic Teller Machines are a great expediency, but they might compromise your safety as the fraudulent cases are growing at an alarming rate. The Background screening checks can come to rescue! But why are they beneficial?

Some incidents occurred due to inadequate Background screening checks:

Chennai: Aug 2015- A cash management firm driver drove away with 26 lakh from Angappan Naicken Street in the city.

New Delhi: Nov 2015- A driver of a cash van drove away with 22.5 crore when the armed security guard accompanying him moved to relieve himself. This seems to be the biggest cash heist in the city!

Chennai: Oct 2016- A cash transit driver fled with 1.18 crore while other staff members were refilling cash in the Bank of Baroda ATM.

Mumbai: Jan 2015: The security guard with several criminal records was appointed in an ATM and in a short duration helped armed men to loot 1.95 crore that was to be filled in various ATMs in the city.

North Mumbai: Dec 2014: An ATM guard exchanged his own debit card with the victim’s and stole close to Rs 92,000.

Today with the advent of such incidents the government is compelling the banks in the country to undertake background screening services on personnel’s hired for security. It’s high time to undertake the services of Background Verification companies to safeguard our valuables from uncertain circumstances.

Fourth Force

specializes in conducting diverse range of verification services regardless of the size of your business. Some of the background screening services provided by them include Antecedent verification, Cab Driver Background Checks, Insurance Claim investigation and Identity checks. This Background Verification Company undertakes physical field verification to foolproof and hastens the verification process.

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