What are the different ways of conducting an Educational background check?

Fourth Force in general has a desire to provide the highest quality background check services to all its clients. Many companies simply don’t want to pay for the cost of criminal background checks, they think it’s not worth to spend on these kinds of criminal checks; such organizations fail to realize the benefit of running these checks. A background check not only lets you know that your new hire has committed a crime or not, but it also helps you to garner more information from background checks than you might not know about.

What is a background check?

A Background check helps you determine if the potential hire has been truthful about their claims and previous experience. The Criminal background checks help you to avoid the risk of hiring a wrong candidate.

The following are the different ways of conducting a criminal background check:
Education Qualification Check:

Fourth force believes that running a background check is a great way to prove that an individual is actually telling the truth about their education, while most people are honest about their University and Degree claims some adorn their education qualification to look better on paper, and there are high possibilities that those document details are not true. To overcome all these issues Fourth Force performs (physical) education qualification checks by directly verifying the documents with the Universities to help you rule out the people whose claims are not honest.

Character Reference check:

When a candidate submits a resume, he/ she would have mentioned references from his/ her previous work place. But how many candidates are honest about the previous employer’s payslip or their reference? Fourth Force will work around this issue by collecting the most authentic information about the referenced person and will gather genuine information about the candidate and submit it to the concerned employer. Moving on from that the employer can decide if it is right to hire the candidate or not.

Background check for a Perfect Hiring:

Background checks performed by Fourth Force helps to improve the quality of your applicants, when a candidate is applying for a job he should be aware that he will be undergoing various level of screening and scrutiny before getting into the job, this check improves the standard by weeding out those who have had a less than stellar background.

Fourth Force helps to reduce risk:

When we hire someone, we prefer the one with an error free past to reduce the risk of an incident. If your organization is dealing with sensitive materials then criminal background checks are highly important to avoid any future mishaps.

Believe it or not people often lie about their education qualification and previous employment experience; this can badly harm your company in a way that you haven’t expected. Ok? Imagine that you need an experienced candidate with a great skill set and after hiring a person you realize that he/she simply cannot do that job, this can badly influence your concern.

Anytime you need verifications done, you simply have to send us your requirements online. Our devoted backend team will immediately process your request and hand it over to the respective territorial teams for rapid execution and closure. Contact us at: http://fourthforce.in/contact.php

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