Hire Delivery Executives After Meticulous Background Verification

Imagine this sequence of events, you order for a pizza online and share your details like contact number, house address and you are gaily waiting for your delicious pizza to arrive. All smooth and simple so far, but what if it turns out to be your worst nightmare. The executive who delivers your food has access to your mobile number turns out to be a creep and starts harassing you, giving you a bitter experience. This can greatly affect the reputation of the company. Background verifications on Delivery Executives are a must to avoid this chain of events.

The last couple of years, especially 2014 has seen an remarkable rise in on-demand services in India from cab services and food to groceries, tutoring, home repair, cleaning and beauty treatments. Name it and your demand will be catered to. But the question is that how safe and secure are you with these Delivery executives around you. On-Demand sectors face a great challenge in hiring the right talent and ensuring their employees have a clean background.

Fair percentage of delivery executives manage to get a job using stolen documents belonging to a graduate and also succeed in getting loans from banks using the graduate’s PAN card.

The background verification process takes anywhere between 10 days to 2 months, working with third parties like Police department is a time consuming task and waiting for response from their side can take days. The on-demand industries demands background screening to be instant, the opportunities are massive but so are the challenges. On-Demand organizations do not work like other sector. The employees in on-demand sector are on continuous move so there is an accelerated hiring on employees at all levels.

The Safety of customers and employees are utmost important, a crucial background check on every delivery executives are of paramount importance to avoid severe damage to an organization and its various stakeholders.

“With Customers Safety and Trust, There is No Compromise”

The on-demand sector is said to grow big in the near future so there will be hasten hiring and the chronicles of customer being harmed by criminal acts can be expected to increase. What these on-demand industries need to keep in their mind is that “Customers are the most important asset to your business and looking after them is essential to your success”. On-Demand sectors are seeking for a stringent background check agency as they are not ready to compromise on their customers’ safety. A wrong Hire can put you on a high risk, Identity screening on delivery executives are crucial as they deal directly with customers.

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