Fraud Check: Fourth Force Performs Identity Verification Service

Frauds committed in your firm can cause a massive reputational vandalism. Recruiting a dishonest and under qualified employees can cost you the earth in hiring new candidates. Forth Force background check services lets you conduct pre-employment and background screening on potential employees to verify their personal details before you employ them.

Fourth Force is powered by former investigation, intelligence and law enforcement officers with notable achievements under their belt. All of them come with a mission to ensure a fraud-free corporate India, and indeed a fraud-free India too.

If a candidate can mislead you in his/her identity, they can very well mislead you in other ways

You should be certain about your candidates’ identity claims before you interview them for a particular designation. Combining Fourth Force cutting edge physical field verification with committed customer service, you’ll always receive a reliable, legally compliant candidate identity check.

An identity check can also be a substratum for a more comprehensive background check, providing intensive information that is very much essential to move ahead with more extensive searches.

Identity checks include checking out:

  • Employment references
  • Character references
  • Investigating gaps in employment history
  • Address verification

Some employers also request credit history and bankruptcy information and criminal history report. Other businesses that must always conduct background checks are credit card and other financing companies, apart from verifying personal information as proof of identity, credit card companies also must also check out credit history information.

Fourth Force provides a suite of comprehensive screening, identity and information solutions that help ensure your candidates have the background skills, attitudes, and aptitudes to make a positive difference in your organization. All the background verification are carried out under the close supervision of our state and zonal heads, This ensures a clinical thoroughness that no other company can match.

Our workforce is headed by officials who come from investigation, intelligence and law enforcement backgrounds.

We’ve extended our footprint to every state in India with offices in every state capital. That’s 29 offices in total. Every state head and his field team of territorial verification officers are posted in places they’ve had former jurisdiction over. They therefore have sound knowledge of the local territory, authoritative sources of information and prevailing crime trends. It means that they know exactly where to go and how to get the job done. It also means that you make the right hire faster.

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