Fabricated work experience can cost you heavily. Inspect with Fourth Force

Work experience certificate is plays an integral part during the job procurement process. The creation of fraudulent documents has been going on since antiquity, but in the past ten to fifteen years it has become a worldwide problem. The Society of Human Resource Managers has proved that more than 53% of candidates lie to certain extent on their resumes.

“The more freshers, the more jobless and the less recruited” is the reason behind fabricated work experience! As many as 170 + IT firms has issued fake experience certificates and has helped more than 25000 candidates to get them placed in top MNC. Bigger the degree, higher the price of the forged certificate. Depending on the nature of the job, these companies charged 5000- 25000 from the candidates to get their plum jobs.

In the age of an intensely competitive job market, you can no longer literally rely on visual checks of your candidate’s qualification certificates. Many surveys have revealed that qualification and work experience are one of the credentials most commonly manipulated by job applicants.

Some of the processes involved in disclosing the genuinity of the certificate are:

•Degree Verification
•Past Employment Checks
•Individual Identity Checks
•Reference Checks
•Credit History Checks
•Professional Certificate/ Licenses

If certain years of experiences are needed to guarantee a certain level of expertise then it is vital that their employment credentials are verified with background screening companies. The background verification companies possess the understanding to go beyond the surface to handle simple to complicated cases.

Among the various background verification companies in India and Fourth Force is one of the leading companies that undertake various background verification services. Staffed by former RAW, CBI and Police officials have a network of 29 state offices in the country. Some of the services operated by them are Insurance claim investigation, Bank Security, Cab driver verification, Criminal Background Check, Antecedent Verification, Vendors Background Verification, Employee Background Verification, Identity Checks and Distributors Background Check. They go in-depth by conducting physical field verification when estimating every individual record. If they fake it, you can break it with Fourth Force!

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