Diligent educational checks can help you launch the right candidates into your organization

As finding the right candidate is becoming tougher and tougher these days, the job providers are in a vulnerable position when the choosing competent candidates for their organizations. Especially when seeking out employees for executive positions it is integral to conduct various background checks to make sure your recruitment efforts doesn’t go in vain!  So you can be sure that you have chosen the right candidates and of course with right credentials.

Why you have no option for Educational Checks?

  • Faking educational credentials has become very popular in recent times; this is because cross-checking education is not considered as a mandatory step in pre-employment screening process.

  • Though such checks can disclose areas like type of tasks, job titles and employment duration accomplished by the potential candidate, many are still negligent to conduct them fearing for the cost that they will have to borne for regulating such checks.

  • With several fake resume incidents of high level executives like Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson, British chef Robert Irving and IBM President Jeffrey Papows many cases of forged resumes is gradually increasing throughout the world.

  • After hiring a candidate simply on the basis of their inflated degrees and experience in haste and when problems arise (forged degrees or they have walked out from his/her organization), the recruiters return back to recruiting yet another one for the same position. Thus costing them double both in time and resources.

  • With so many positions demanding degrees more than 20-50% of candidates beautify their resumes! So it is not evident that all the resumes that over weigh are genuine.

What can be done to skip over the fraudsters?

Conducting educational verification is very critical in all verticals regardless of the position you are about to recruit for! Recruiters are allowed to know more about the candidates with whom they are about to enter into legal relationship. They also have all rights to know their past history and all this verification are performed by Background Verification companies. Doing this not only helps you to maintain your reputation, standard but also your working environment.

Fourth Force is a private Indian company dedicated entirely for unearthing information pertaining to Identity checks, Insurance Claim investigation, Employment Verification and Cab Driver Background Checks. With an objective of achieving fraud free India, they are equipped with professionals from streams like RAW, Police and CBI from various parts of the nation.



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