This Is How Cab Operators Verify Cab Drivers Background

Cab operators must understand that it’s their prime duty to safeguard the passengers when they board the cab. With the raise of criminal offence happening in every nook and cranny of the world it is very important to have identity check and important credentials checks for the cab drivers.

A fair percentage of cases are reported against Cab drivers every now and then, they are continuously in the news for sexual assault cases. A driver hired by a leading cab service provider O** has misbehaved with the women passenger. Following this, the molestation case which involved a leading taxi operator U***’s driver further brought the lack of security issues for the customers who used their services especially women, to the limelight.

To resolve this issue, cab operators are firming up their background check processes. So these operators hire third party background verification agencies to ensure that certain formalities and background checks are conducted before a driver is signed up.

These agencies usually check for background information such as:

  • Identity check
  • Address verification
  • Driving License
  • Past Employment
  • Criminal Record check

Once all the verification is done by the agency, they will produce the detailed report about the driver to the cab operator whoever they are hiring. “If the drivers are involved in any criminal case, police clearance will not be issued,” candidates possessing such past are not eligible to be a cab driver henceforth.

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