A 2 minutes conversation will never suffice you! So budge with Fourth Force for an Exhaustive Reference Check

Today if we question a student, about his/her goal, the reply would be to land on a well established IT firm. The stature of Software Engineer is brighter in terms for availing bank loans, owning a luxurious car or a posh independent house. This fame is luring the candidates towards IT sector regardless of their field of study. With such high demands for seeking executive positions in the IT sector, the MNC’s have narrowed down their search, by recruiting only pre-eminent candidates.

Forged Credentials:

The candidates who have not been selected by campus placement suffer a lot. So these candidates start playing the game, they approach consultancies and companies that can offer them forged experienced certificates for any academic degree, to help them find a place in the established firms. In the last three years, they had been a surge in the number of fake certificates. It’s not just the fresher’s but some CFO’s and CEO’s don’t always tell you the truth.

With the advent of several fake firms issuing forged job experience certificates, the police officials have requested the established IT companies to check the credentials of the candidates before recruiting them. Though these companies can easily uncover the fake ones, urgent requirements or on humanitarian grounds these companies our turning blind eye on background verification processes.

The Background screening not only checks the authenticity of the candidate’s resume but also undertake performance-based reference checking, which can estimate the efficiency of the candidate to fulfill his tall claims. Approaching background verification companies can be secure solution to foolproof and hasten the verification process.

Powered by former law enforcement, intelligence and investigation officials, Fourth Force is behind the mission of achieving Fraud Free India. Fourth Force is led by officials who come from intelligence, law enforcement and investigation backgrounds. Many of them had served more than 40 years in State Police, RAW and CBI.

Having regional offices in more than twenty nine locations in the country, they were instrumental in the investigation of several biggest economic crimes including Harshad Mehta and JMM scandals. They have been undertaking background check services such as Employment Verification, Bank security, Distributors/suppliers/vendors verification, Security verification and much more. The information provided by Fourth Force is factual and genuine, because their force delves right down to the source.

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