Validating Past-Employment Record

Validation of past-employment records of the new candidates is one of the major process in an organization. To acquire a legitimate interpretation of these records, verifications needs to be carried out and needs to be done in a systematic and methodical manner. One can be benefited with the help of the best background agency in India, the Fourth Force. At any point, they can be approached and the verifications would be done in the most legitimate process with high reliability and rightful results. These verifications are done by experts, young & old, trained well in this field of expertise and some of them being from RAW, CBI & retired police officials.

Past-employment is a crucial part in one’s career for experienced persons who are in change of job. The genuinity of past-employment records plays an important role in shaping a persons career. With a false record nothing can be achieved. In the present scenario of job seekers, it is getting rare to find and authenticate genuine records. Job seekers, in a plight to get into a fine job, fabricate their work experience with falsified records. They might not be having proper experience in the particular field of job that they have applied for and to make sure that they get past through all the hurdles and settle down, false records will be created. False records can be listed in brief below,

  • faking the roles and responsibilities creating more work experience in the particular role.

  • taking forgery to the next well by creating altering the offer letter, relieving letter from previous employers if there is a shortage of years of experience.

  • tampering the salary records to reflect a higher salary.

  • lack of genuinity in producing valid references who also play a small part in giving false proof of past-employment of their friends.

All these kinds of tampered records will not be revealed of its true color until it is verified in a discrete and efficient way. The truth about their ability to show that they have enough experience will be revealed only when there is a lack of knowledge in work. To nail the truth and throw out the impostor out, the records of their past-employment needs to be verified before the candidates are hired. One wrong decision in hiring the fraudulent candidate will affect the organization’s financial and operational structure. Once the interview stage is over, the records needs to be verified thoroughly. The candidate will be bombarded with lot of questions but the answers will be so true that no flaws can be found. But we will be able to bring out the genuinity in the facts only through a proper background check. The areas of questions which all need to be verified are listed out

pastemployment– What is the reason to work for each employer?

– What is the reason for needing experience in each industry?

– What are the gains from each role (experience, skills, qualification, personal development etc.)?

– Will the previous role be useful for the new role that they are applying for and the reason behind it?

– what is the reason for leaving the previous employer?

They will be very confident and positive in detailing about all these information and which is why these need a background check. In choosing the right candidate for the right position plays an important role and it is the responsibility to check the facts and records of past-employment before the right decision is taken.

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