Stop Getting Fooled by Beautified Resumes

No owner would want to hire a wrong person for his job. Whether you are running a small concern with relatively few employees or a Multi-National Company, hiring the right people is crucial. A wrong hire can bring in a wave of negativity around your working environment, sooner they would have to lookout for a new candidate and it’s not all that! It can also cost you immensely by wasting your time and resources. People generally lie throughout the process to land in their dream job – Forty Six percent (46%) of resumes submitted by candidates have false information to a certain extent.

Many people have reported that after hiring an inappropriate person for their job, they find themselves constantly looking out for ways to reassign the candidate or working hard to fit the person into their firm in some way or other.

A wrong employee will not only drain out your time and energy but also the following:

Financial Costs:

By recruiting a wrong person, you are not only paying salary to him/her but also spending for additional training for someone who does not suit your expectations.  The amount spent on a bad hire can equal to thirty percent of the candidate’s first-year revenue. So even after letting your bad hire to resign, you would need to spend more for searching a replacement for him.

Reputation Costs:

Even after losing your time and money for choosing a candidate hastily, you should closely examine your reputation to make sure that this candidate isn’t fostering a bad experience for your organization.

Productivity Costs:

The cost of hiring a wrong person can be significantly greater than the cost of hiring a more productive one, even at a much higher pay. Studies have shown that about Eleven percent of wrong hires result in less sales volume and moreover 17% of time is spent in managing them to perform as per the expectations and standards of the organizations.

Fourth Force is one of the leading Background Verification Company that performs verification on distinct sectors equipped with web enabled system. Regardless of the nature and size of your hiring program, they can help you hire the right candidate suitable for the job position and your organization as well.

With Fourth Force you can build your team of qualified and skilled resources who would care to accomplish your company’s mission. Rather than losing your time and resources in recruiting a bad hire, next time spend some extra time to screen your new hires credentials.

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