Dig Deep to Verify your Suppliers

“Providers and suppliers frame the lifeline of any business…”

How certain are you about the third parties your business is dealing with every day?
Many businessmen find themselves losing momentum and hitting a brick wall when it comes to choosing a supplier or distributor for their establishment. Whether it be manufacturing your product or finding suppliers to purchase your goods, it isn’t easy to find the genuine ones.

Though many companies earn increased profit margins and reputation by exchanging goods and services, there exist some companies whose sole purpose is to gain your interest in order to enter into a transaction with you and disappear with your money.

It is necessary to take appropriate steps to defend your company against such risks. Since such measures can reflect the volume of your turnover and reputation in the market. It is essential to hire the services of background verification companies can help you identify those companies with a fake transaction record before you move ahead and sign bond with them.

Fourth Force, a private Indian background check service company, which can help you verify suppliers or distributors before entering into contact with them. They play the role of an insurance policy against deception and fraud. Fourth Force can help you to thoroughly verify your suppliers and vendors dealing with your company.

Fourth Force undertakes several steps like physical field verification to verify their claims, cross check the authenticity of documents and registration with government authorities to ensure that the company you have entered into contract is genuine. They also provide credit check services, which can update you whether your potential supplier/vendor has the required the cash flow to deliver what you need. This can be very essential if you’re about to enter into a long term contract.

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