Criminal Background Verification

Criminal confirmation involves checking a man’s criminal history to survey his or her reliability. It isn’t for all intents and purposes feasible for the HR administrators to screen through every one of the candidates for criminal records. This is a huge assignment, and requires part of time, and inside and out examination of the idea of criminal records.


What is Criminal Verification?

The police records are accessible at various levels – (National Crime Records Bureau), state, city/town/region, and nearby police headquarters. While the records are automated at NCRB and a large portion of the state levels, they may not be accessible in electronic shape at the greater part of the area and neighborhood police headquarters levels. The Home Ministry has left on Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) task to interface all the police headquarters and workplaces the nation over and the full-incorporated framework is required to be accessible in 2012. It isn’t known to what degree the data will be influenced accessible for open to get to.

Along these lines, then, the criminal records must be gotten to at the state, area, or police headquarters level by physically going by the particular office and asking for the criminal foundation confirmation.


Criminal check in India is more troublesome as there are no Felony or Misdemeanor courts in India like western countries. Rather, India has Police Departments of different states and metros. With every Indian state having its own particular arrangement of working, and nonattendance of modernized database much of the time, as all records are documented physically, it winds up hard to check criminal records.

On the off chance that a man has dwelled in excess of one address in a similar city or at various urban areas, isolate looks according to concerned police headquarters of the territory of habitation must be led.

Hypothetically, to get a total criminal historical verification done, all the state, area and neighborhood police headquarters records should be investigated. This would guarantee that regardless of whether the worker to be confirmed has moved areas, the records can be gotten to.

Our proposal: Criminal confirmation ought to be done at any rate at the police headquarters levels for the transitory and lasting locations of the representative. Extra areas for past addresses ought to be viewed as in light of the idea of the business, work profile, and obligations.

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