A Prudent game played with domestic help – On Demand Services Applications

Domestic help – A domestic helper or domestic servant, also called menial, is a person who works within the employer’s household or stays in their own home and comes to work for a given time-frame of work. Domestic helpers perform a variety of household services for an individual or a family, from providing care for children and elderly dependents to housekeeping, including cleaning and household maintenance and errands. The majority of domestic helpers are people from the rural areas who are employed by urban families.


Varieties of domestic work

  • Drivers

  • Cook – Employing a cook

  • Home tuition – A woman teacher for the children.

  • Housemaid – Female servants who do the typical duties.

  • Nanny – A woman taking care of infants and children.

The dawn of Internet started with a secure note but slowed down and moved towards getting more vulnerable. Life has been made easier through most of the online applications for domestic help. The most common way of getting domestic help in the past were through contacts of friends or neighbors places and if we required the same person to work in our house, we would need to do a inquiry and get the details directly. And the important thing would be that they were all reliable and trustworthy. Instead of inquiring directly, we were blindly swept away by the apps that provide domestic help. Are we sure that these hires are safe, secure, trustworthy and reliable? Are we sure they don’t have any criminal backgrounds? We are all well aware of these questions but we never make an effort to find answers. If a little effort was just put on verifying the facts there would be an end to the act of devious and treacherous minds. When these proper verifications are not carried out, the phony domestic help land up at our doorstep and we are just showing ways for them to learn more about details of our sweet home and putting ourselves in danger of larceny, child trafficking and wrecking it even more leading to murder.

More trust needs to be laid on our instincts and do a thorough check on these hires before they land at our house. And of course we need an agency to look into these aspects of clarifications who are well versed with this fraternity. A credible and a trusted organization to analyze the matter in a unique way can be exclusively is Fourth Force.They deal with the verifications directly for the domestic hire that needs a thorough investigation. These delving of verifications are done in a well planned and systematic process giving secure and solid reports. The investigators are well trained and well equipped with the world of lawless culprits. They can always be reached at any point of time for more accurate and dedicated results.

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